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Sanctuary Cities...In Texas?

Cities whose governments refuse to enforce immigration law, also known as “sanctuary cities”, are prevalent across areas of the country under Democrat control.  It should be of no surprise that liberal cities like New York and San Francisco will do nothing when illegal aliens break the law, instead choosing to disregard the laws of this nation under the false pretense of political correctness and inclusion. What many may not realize is that sanctuary cities […]

Rep. Wayne Smith and his Personal Injury Trial Lawyer Friends

The Time Wayne Smith Hired TWO Democrat State Reps to Sue a Widow and Kids In Eastern Harris County, Rep. Wayne Smith is in the political fight of his life, after challenger Briscoe Cain shocked the state by besting the 14-year incumbent by nearly five percentage points, sending the race into a runoff. As most observers know, runoff elections are traditionally tumultuous  for incumbent politicians, and after some recent spurious attacks […]