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Pax Americana Hubris: America cannot afford Syria

War is not always a “moral” question.   Nor is it a choice based on the simplistic dichotomy of isolationism versus interventionism.   But this is the prism through which the American public is now being conditioned to view the Syrian Civil War. The drumbeat of “proxy” war in Syria, which usually gives way to full-scale invasion (Iraq), has begun.  The American people are now bombarded with emotional pleas.  John McCain is […]

Too Fast, too Furious

Why is it that with all the talk of preventing gun violence with unconstitutional gun control directives, the president and his odious band of weapons dealers have not been called to account for their illegal arms shipments south of the border, or their giving of arms to al Qaeda resulting in the effective murder of U.S. diplomatic personnel in Libya? The hypocrisy is breathtaking. But this is an all too […]

Sacking General Carter Ham

Just exactly what happened in Benghazi, Libya, in a terror attack that left four Americans dead, is the subject of heated national discussion — especially now that elections are complete. One critical concern is who issued a “stand-down” order under which help was not dispatched to the Americans under fire from al-Qaida. Now apparently one person who would be in a position to offer details, Gen. Carter Ham, has allegedly […]