Eliminate the Minimum Wage

It was unsurprising but disappointing to encounter an article entitled “Raising Minimum Wage: An Issue of Maximum Importance” in the March 6, 2014 edition of the University of St. Thomas student newspaper, The Summa. Given the target audience, one could hazard a guess that few university students could find fault with the author’s trite and threadbare conclusions, especially such gems as “the proposed bill is certainly popular,” and “we have an alarmingly low minimum wage,” and […]

100 Million Victims

In the March 6, 2014 edition of the University of St. Thomas student newspaper, The Summa, a rather troubling and disturbing article entitled, “The Undeservedly Controversial Word: Socialism” was published. At first glance, I hoped that the article was in fact a parody, or perhaps an early April Fool’s joke. Surely no one could possibly take the misguided, backwards, and misanthropic notion of socialism seriously enough to label it as “undeservedly controversial”? But to […]

Chris Carmona - A Young, New Voice For Texas

A campaign to retake Texas House District 148 began Wednesday, March 12, in a quiet, unassuming restaurant on Houston’s north side. With the huge sign out front announcing the campaign kick-off reception, Chris Carmona’s effort to wrest the district from decades of neglect was formally launched. The largest private event room at Fiesta Guadalajara filled quickly with enthusiastic supporters as Carmona began the undertaking of a mission to bring people […]

The Gamechanger

Change has come to Texas. Paul Simpson is the new chairman of the Harris County Republican Party (HCRP). That statement in and of itself is enough to shake up politics in Harris County, and ensure that they will never be the same. In ending Jared Woodfill’s twelve-year-long, iron-gripped hold at the helm of the Republican ship, Simpson not only gives the HCRP a renewed perspective, but a badly needed fresh […]


Interview with Steve Stockman

Sam Malone from the Sam Malone Show and John Griffing interview Congressman Steve Stockman.

Today, We Are All Ukrainians

From Fox News: As fires burned in Kiev during a second night of deadly clashes between Ukraine dissidents and police, President Viktor Yanukovych fired his military chief and the military announced it could take part in a national anti-terrorist operation to restore order. The move, announced in a decree from Yanukovych, came a day after 26 people were killed and nearly 425 injured in clashes between police and protesters at the sprawling […]

Texans Should Keep David Dewhurst as Lt. Governor

In the race for Texas Lieutenant Governor, there are four worthy choices, but only one candidate with a clear-cut history of ably working on behalf of Texans at the highest level with legislators from all over the state, each with their conflicting priorities, while simultaneously managing to largely rein in and neutralize the Democrat agenda. He has demonstrated some impressive leadership during his time as Lt. Gov., working with legislators to help bring […]


The Gender Wage Gap Myth

For far too long, progressives, liberals and feminists have waged a terrible war on women by playing on their fears and manipulating their insecurities as a means of establishing control over them. If you can convince someone for long enough that they are inferior, that they are vulnerable and need protection, they may well capitulate and allow you to dictate to them how they should think, feel and live. Thankfully, […]