Freedom Is Owning A Gun

The right to bear arms, enshrined in the Second Amendment of the Constitution has been under attack from Liberals for decades, in spite of the fact that their fight directly conflicts with the will of the vast majority of Americans. In waging a continuing war on liberty, progressives and liberals have directly and intentionally opposed the freedoms that have existed since the founding of the Republic. These fights culminated in […]

Texas is America’s Engine

From remarks made by President Richard W. Fisher of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas before the Dallas and Fort Worth chapters of Financial Executives International: “If you remove the job-creating machine of Texas from the U.S. economy, the nation has experienced job destruction that has occurred over the past 12 years in the middle-income quartiles.” Translation: without Texas providing growth – the only real growth – America would have experienced a second Great Depression. […]


Work Is A Beautiful Thing

Recently, an awesome, powerful new ad from Walmart, narrated by Mike Rowe was released on the company’s website and Youtube channel. “At one time I made things and I took pride in the things I made,” Rowe’s voice says in the video, speaking from the perspective of the factory as related images play out across the screen, providing a visual backdrop for the crippled domestic manufacturing industry. As lights turn on and […]

10 And Working

This past Sunday, my family and I visited a new Asian restaurant in our neighborhood for lunch. My wife and I decided we wanted to go out for lunch after church, and a few friends recommended the new place, so we decided to stop and give it a try. The restaurant was small and in a shopping center, but was nearly full. Almost every table was occupied by people eating […]

Word Of The Day: Megalomania

  meg·a·lo·ma·nia noun ˌme-gə-lō-ˈmā-nē-ə, -nyə : a condition or mental illness that causes people to think that they have great or unlimited power or importance. 1:  a mania for great or grandiose performance 2:  a delusional mental disorder that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur We are led by a man convinced (in spite of vast amounts of evidence to the contrary) of his own greatness and historical […]

What to do with Christie…

Romney-Ryan, McCain-Palin, Dole-Kemp. What do these three things all have in common? A few things actually. First, they are all Republican presidential tickets (2012, 2008, and 1996, respectively.) They also feature the same general formula; a moderate at the top of the ticket that no one is excited about voting for, and a conservative fire-brand as the Vice-Presidential nominee who is brought on to “excite the base.” Establishment Republicans are […]