Sanctuary Cities…In Texas?


Cities whose governments refuse to enforce immigration law, also known as “sanctuary cities”, are prevalent across areas of the country under Democrat control.  It should be of no surprise that liberal cities like New York and San Francisco will do nothing when illegal aliens break the law, instead choosing to disregard the laws of this nation under the false pretense of political correctness and inclusion.

What many may not realize is that sanctuary cities exist right here in Texas

According to a report by the Baker Institute at Rice UniversityTexas is home to 15 sanctuary cities, which include not only the larger urban cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, but also conservative suburban areas like Baytown. (see, Table 5, p.13 of Rice University Report).

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Why Single Out Baytown, Texas?

The reason we have singled out Baytown is that there is a hotly contested Republican Primary Runoff in South-East Texas in which Baytown’s classification as a sanctuary city has become a central part of the debate.

The debate started after one candidate, Briscoe Cain, distributed a mailer calling Baytown a sanctuary city. In response to Cain’s mailer, Stephen DonCarlos, the Mayor of Baytown, and a supporter of the incumbent Wayne Smith took to the media calling Cain a liar and proclaiming that “Baytown is not a sanctuary city.”

Politicians think Voters will believe anything they say

In light of the fact that Baytown is considered a sanctuary city,  Rep. Smith and the Mayor of Baytown recently released a video starring the Mayor in which he states, “Wayne Smith knows the importance of removing the magnets that attract illegal aliens to our state – such as sanctuary cities. I know this because we’ve worked together to make sure our area is free of sanctuary city policies.”

That’s correct, despite the fact that Baytown is considered a “sanctuary city” by one of the world’s leading nonpartisan think tanks—the Baker Institute at Rice University, and many other anti-sanctuary city websites like and, Smith and his mayor have the nerve to release a video just before election day claiming the two have “worked together to make sure our area is free of sanctuary city policies.”

How Smith pretends he wants to stop Sanctuary Cities

Despite the fact that ending sanctuary cities has been a priority of republican voters for several years, the Republican controlled Texas legislature has not outlawed them.

Wayne Smith, who represents Baytown in the Texas legislature, has a fuzzy record on immigration issues.

Although Smith campaigns on stopping sanctuary cities, Smith has not written a single bill to outlaw them since taking office in 20o2. In light of this fact, Smith brags about being a co-author of HB 12, the 2011 sanctuary city bill which failed to become law. If you think being a co-author is any great accomplishment, let me point out that there were 37 co-authors, 2 joint authors and 1 author of the bill. Moreover, Smith didn’t even lend his name to the 2015 sanctuary city bill (which also failed to pass).

Smith has also supported liberal leadership in the Texas House which has repeatedly killed proposed sanctuary city legislation, despite being a key plank of the Republican Party of Texas’ platform, and supported by a supermajority of Republicans voters across the state.

In a conservative state like Texas, citizens should expect their elected officials to enforce immigration law.  However, leaders of cities like Baytown count on voters being kept in the dark. 

Sanctuary cities, and the “Republicans” that enable them must be stopped!

Let’s hope Texas voters will see through the rhetoric. The next Texas legislature has already been tasked by Governor Greg Abbott who has pledged to end sanctuary city policies by 2017.

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